Since I moved to Dubai and have been getting to know people here, I often hear about how comfortable and easy life here is. What this refers to is a city with well-organized infrastructure and services where, if you sort out having a job and a visa it’s generally easy to maintain a day-to-day routine without the headaches involved in life in other world-famous cities. Plus, a lot of services like cleaning and food-delivery can be had here easily on a middle income salary. It’s not to say that there aren’t headaches to be had, but it’s a place where routine can be a comfortable fallback. Going out with my camera helps keep my eyes fresh and looking for things I’ve never seen before and helps remind me that I live in a place unlike any other on Earth. These are images from my life here that, along with the blog section of this website, aren’t related to photography as a career, but stand out as some of my favorite images from the midst of daily life or from short excursions just to see something I haven’t seen before.